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Easy to understand about MLM board plan

First appearance about MLM board plan:

The MLM Board plan is the most popular plan among all the other plans. It is also called as revolving matrix plan. This plan includes single board system, Double board system and multi board system. As well as, it works with the team.

The company assigns how many customers in a single board. If the scheme reaches that value (i.e. board is full) then it is divided into two boards. The top level customer assigns next high level. The name “revolving matrix plan” which means that the system should be revolves depends on who makes two downline under him then he should move into higher level.

In this scheme, a company can have qualified members and non qualified members. Also, they can get more benefit.

Revolving structure of MLM board plan:

Most of the multi level marketing company works with the MLM board plan software because it has more advantages compared to other scheme. The structure will be dynamic, so easily changed from non qualified members into qualified members. So the business must be yield more profit. Any business grows depends on its heads and they are the responsibility of yielding more profits. This strategy focuses who can make sales faster than the other, they are assigned as head.

If the method has no vacant to adding new one, then it is divided into two boards. Top head can assign the subhead. Next subhead can divided into two and the procedure is similar to all boards.

How it works:

Working procedure of MLM board plan, last level should be opened for newly joining customers. After achieving the target customer, it splits into two and who made 2 sales faster, at that moment they are moved into top level and considering 1 sale they are in second level and so on. The working procedure is same for all.

Features of Spillover and Jump over plans:


Spillover scheme has more benefit to non qualified members. Qualified members definitely made more than two sales and then they can move under non qualified members.

Jump over:

Board scheme has allowed to jump over from low level into high level (I.e. who can be made 2 sales initially), then they moved into high level.

Why it is popular among all the plans:

Take any business that yield profit or loss, but it’s not a matter, teamwork is important to grow a company, because this plan based on this. So most of the company prefers, to this strategy.

Here, we have provided sufficient information to understand about the board plan. if any doubts you have, please contact us info@armmlmsoftware.com.